Bus Simulator PRO 2017 App Reviews

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Ok this is a good game but I don’t know what is wrong with the ticket print, dev please get back to me on how to do this cause the change is just hard for me

How to give the right amount of change

I like this game a lot but I am having trouble giving the right amount of change back I put the right amount and press print ticket does not print please make the amount that the person pays easier please.

Bus pro 17

Ok first off good game. But the electric charging stations should be able to use. And the math when selling tickets. I am a good mathematician. But on the go there is no time to be doing math.

It got bad over time

They traffic is too bad the cars always crash into each other. And the rain happens way too often

Good game... wheel chair space on transit bus needs more room

The Transit bus wheel chair space doesn’t have enough room for like a 100 wheel chairs and when another wheel chair try’s to get on when there’s another wheel chair on it already the game turns off!!! PLEASE FIX THAT!!! Then I’ll give u 5 stars!


I want a refund and when I bought the app I never got a receipt email for it??? Help??

GREAT APP!! But bug when printing the ticket

Hi I want my money back

Best App I Have Ever Played!!!

This is the best app I have ever played!!! My favorite bus is the school bus because it’s challenging to drive and I love challenges requiring buses!!! I hope they come out with a Bus Simulator PRO 2018!!! PLEASE?!?


When I try to sell tickets and give change sometimes it does not go through.

Has some issues

I can’t figure out how to print the tickets can someone help me?

I Guess.

The Game Worked Perfectly Fine At First. Then As I Got Further Into It, I Noticed That It Would Start Crashing And Shutting Out By Itself.. I’ve Deleted It And Downloaded It Back Twice. NOTE. This Is When I Got To Level 16 In Chicago. It Lets Me Go Half Way Through The Level Then Shute Off At Like The 2-3 Stop.

Needs some fixing

The game is very fun but I have a few complaints. The game freezes when I leave and come back. Cars randomly crash into you and it is SO ANNOYING. Lastly, my biggest complaint, why do we not get the extra 250 XP for the recquirements on every level?!?!?!?! On Chicago almost all levels have the check marks as already yellow and it’s so hard to move on to new levels! Otherwise the game is great.

In app purchases disappear.

Don't buy anything in the app they disappear when the game is reset.


I don't get how u use the tickets. If someone knows how can u pls tell me how

I did not expect it!!

Need to refine. I am missing the camera reset when I look around and this game can get better engine sounds. Better not download and look for free better apps

It's Getting There

This app has most of the basic necessities for this type of game down... graphics, responsive drive movements, etc. Would like to see a few improvements on subsequent updates... 1- gas and brake pedal should be used with the same thumb 2- The positions for the turn signal, headlights, and horn are awkward and difficult to get to... and the turn signals don't turn off on their own 3- I hate the ticket situation, would love for that option to just be turned off altogether. 4- even when I change the units, it is still always metric 5- would love an in-app upgrade that allows me to just drive any vehicle on free mode 6- I would like to be able to select the specific view in the overhead view... I want to be able to look further ahead from higher up That's about all... still really like the game... hoping to give a higher star rating with future app improvements.

Don't buy

I paid 4 dollars and did not work and it was such a waste of money 😡😡😡😡😡


It's okay, improve the graphics and make the graphics only for the more powerful phones. Also, the brake and accelerator are too small and sometimes they don't work when I press them. Another problem is with the steering wheel. You should make the steering wheel go around twice so we have even more control instead of only going around once. Also the rain is weird and green. Make it more clear and make it blurry to have the rain effect


Just need more buses

Make it better

U need to fix the pay things

Ok But...

Ok first off if you are wondering the graphics are not as good as the photos show but still has better graphics than any other bus simulator on iOS. The gameplay is nice but I found that sometimes the bus wouldn't brake because I was pressing for the brake button to high on the screen. I have small hands and even I had trouble hitting the accelerator and brake. There is no way to configure the buttons to where you want to and you can't adjust the button size. I also have a very annoying issue where cars just run into me and getting a red light ticket when I'm half way through the intersection on a yellow light. So be careful running yellow lights or you'll get a fine. But the most annoying thing is the cars randomly get stuck in traffic jams in the middle of intersections and you can't get around them. So your only choice is to restart the level. I love Mageeks other game Truck Sim Pro 2 and highly recommend it. It only has a few issues. (Far less than this game) I have a review of that game too. Hope this helps


I paid for this app and it's still charging me if I wanna get a new bus. Earning money on this app takes a long time which makes the game boring. Traffic is clumsy and unrealistic. From time to time they jump on your bus -.- really!?!

Fat daddy love

When I try to play the game it always crashes. That could be a lot better. I am pretty mad that I spent 3 dollars for a gene that always crashes


This simulator is ok but didn't meet my expectations. When I seen this game in the App Store I was hype but now that I have brought its a little disappointed the buses are awesome the graphics are good the street the transit center and almost everything is to my liking but the cities are small and I know about the coding and graphics but in the next update the cities could be larger making feel I'm driving a bus through the cities the city map should be so big it's off the screen I just would like for the city not to be a box because many other sim are that small and in this sim your almost done just have the map be bigger and more transit center

Great Game

I really like the game, The only I'd probably ask is that you fix the glitches on the last two buses... And maybe add a button to flip on and off the interior lights.

Okay game

The game is really fun until around level 16 on Chicago because the game crashes at so many stops. I haven't yet finished the level because the game kept crashing but very good and realistic

Has some issues

The game is good. It's really interesting but it has some issues. When you are giving the change the clock should be stopped. Also, we should get more time. It is hard to make it with the red lights. Next, the turn signal should turn off automatically. Also the buttons need to be bigger. Try to get a better horn. One more thing, when I'm in the cockpit view and I turn on the turn signal, I can see it through the dash. And when I look back at the seats I can see the rear turn signal through the seats as well. PLEASE FIX THESE THINGS AND THE GAME WILL BE AWESOME!!!!


Add a free drive mode to the game so we aren't stuck just doing missions...I mean this is a great game and I expected a free drive mode, kinda disappointed

Love it but has bug fixes

I'm so obsessed with this game and it's been so fun so far! However the game crashes on Chicago Level 8 when you pick up passengers. Also the turning signals should turn off by themselves. And cars do not stop at red lights therefore they run into my bus causing a crash. Or cars crash into one another and cause traffic jams. Also when printing tickets the timer should stop because some of the tickets print out slower than others? Other than that I love the game and it has been so much fun! Please fix minor bugs!! :)

Joseph ramosssss

Make the rain hit the windshield on the last 3 buses or there no point in them and on the last bus the windshield wipers glitch out

App Crashes later in game

After playing a while, you unlock different busses. After unlocking one with ADA support, I can go a stop or two picking up and dropping off, but it ALWAYS force closes, with no warning, with no reason. This needs to be fixed so we can fully enjoy the game.

Bad review

I hated it still gave me ads after buying it is not worth buying at all!!


I love this game! BUT in Chicago it keeps crashing and kicking me out of the game. Can you please fix this!

They need to upgrade the game

It would be more fun if you could open the doors at anytime, go on free rides, walk around etc please make some upgrades for the players


There is to much traffic an the cars are always getting stuck in intersections but other than that it's a pretty good game

It's Okay.....

It Won't Let Me Print The Ticket Out When I Finish During The Payment For The Passengers

Problem On San Fransisco Route 37

Okay so, when I clicked on route 37 I followed the map and when I got to the bus stop, there were no pedestrians waiting so please fix this so I can finish this game ! Thanks.

Fun fun fun

I love this game it's realistic, I love the whole ticket thing, and it's very funny when you are kind of inside of the bus stop it looks like the people are walking inside of the bus

Fix the traffic jams

To many traffic jams can't beat the 3rd level cause the traffic won't move .. other than that it's a great game

Crash at level 17

Once level 17 in Chicago It crashed.

Crashing App

It's a nice game, if it would stop crashing

Not good enough

Fix the all time car crush with no reason it's really stupid

Poorly made game, overpriced

Wow, can't believe you need to pay about 4 dollars for this game. It seriously doesn't worth even 99€. Do not buy it. There are free versions of bus simulator that are way better in ai and graphics. They shouldn't even add paid vehicles in the game. The AI is horrible. Random crashes in the street. And a few glitches. Obviously not worth the money for me. Would refund if possible

Pretty Good Game

Overall, it's a pretty good game. There are just a few things I would like to have fixed. Take away the time limit for the lines. Please fix the windshield wiper on the Electric Bus. Speed up the AI's and speed up the ticket payment.

Way too buggy

Cars are stuck on the road and crashing each other even police cars. Can't play it. Hard to believe that you guys are "selling" this.. refund me asap iPad Pro 12.9


The game is such a waste of money. The graphics are horrible. Literally you can get a free driving simulator and it would be a thousand times better than this piece of crap. Just please don't waste your money on this game!

Do not buy this game

When you try to play this game it freezes and it kicks you out and if it let you play it it skips the entire time so I wasted my money😡😡👎👎

Pretty good game

This game is good besides some things to fix: 1)when turning, the wheel turns way too much 2)the cars sometimes crash into eachother and causes traffic 3)the cars can be pretty slow sometimes and sometimes don't stop when driving by Hope you can fix these things! :)

Wheelchair ramp location...

I noticed the wheelchair ramps are deployed from either the rear or middle doors, which I have never seen. I've always seen wheelchair ramps deployed from the front doors of a city bus. Maybe the developers should consider changing the wheelchair ramp locations to the front doors. Also, the game now crashes in the second route of Seattle.


I don't understand how to sell the tickets

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